Brian Fielding Reveals Why Scaling is Easier in Commercial Real Estate

Brian Fielding discusses scaling in the commercial real estate industry

Brian Fielding reveals why scaling in commercial real estate is so much easier than in residential real estate.

When it comes to scaling in the real estate industry, it is much easier for an investor to manage multiple commercial real estate properties than it is for them to manage a large number of residential real estate properties. When investing in residential real estate, it is important to be nearby to each of the properties to ensure that there are no major problems. The same is true for commercial real estate investments. However, instead of one person looking over one single-family unit, that person has to look over dozens or hundreds of units. This expense is more justified for commercial real estate than it is for residential real estate. Managing large properties also cuts costs on things like maintenance and landscaping, which is a huge plus for investors shares Brian Fielding.

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