Steps for Choosing the Right Property Investment from Brian Fielding

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Brian Fielding believes that commercial real estate can always be a wise field for those who want to make investments that will offer them a future return. However, just like with any business, being successful in commercial real estate means being knowledgeable about the market and choosing the right investments. Here, commercial real estate expert Brian Fielding discusses things that buyers should consider about a property before they make a purchase.

  1. Where it is located: Location always matters. It is one of the biggest factors in determining the value of the property as well as its future potential. It is essential that an investor looks into the surrounding neighborhoods and businesses around the property that they are interested in to determine who lives there, and which kinds of businesses thrive in the area. This can show them if the building has potential for its surrounding community and whether it will be impacted by the local economy.
  2. Property uses: Some investors purchase a property for a specific purchase. Brian Fielding reminds investors that not all properties can be used for any purpose, and many have restrictions on how they can be used. This may determine if the property should be purchased as zoning laws may include some commercials uses but not others. Office spaces, for example, may not be rented as retail spaces.
  3. Condition: The condition of a property can cause additional costs to the initial investment on the property. Brian Fielding says that when investors are not careful they may miss repairs and other problems with the property that may also decrease their profit by delaying the time in which they can start renting the property. Being cautious about a property can prevent these problems from happening and can help an investor better determine the value of the property that they are purchasing.

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