Fielding Investments Shares Information About Successful Commercial Real Estate Investors

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Brian Fielding finds Partnering in Real Estate Investments, Beneficial

Fielding Investments shares that successful commercial real estate investors share many best practices and traits. With over 40 years in the industry, Brian Fielding of Fielding Investments understands what it takes to be successful in commercial real estate. In order to help those who are just entering the industry, Mr. Fielding is sharing these tips for a long and prosperous career in commercial real estate.

Know the area.

One of the most powerful weapons that a successful commercial real estate investor has in their arsenal is first-person knowledge of the area they wish to invest in. Fielding Investments shares that the knowledge of an area gained from living and working in that community is simply invaluable in the commercial real estate industry. Fielding Investments shares that in fact, out-of-town investors spend extremely large sums of money on data and surveyors to find out just a fraction of what those living in the area already know.

Partner up.

Having a partner in the commercial real estate industry has many advantages shares Fielding Investments. For one, you are not solely required to come up with or find financing for your venture. Quite possibly, your partner can be well connected and might even have access to more capital than you do. In addition, financial institutions are oftentimes more comfortable lending to a partnership than to just one investor. Brian Fielding founder of Fielding Investments always encourages newer commercial real estate investors to find a partner who has experience in the industry; who can help guide them through the ins and outs of commercial real estate investment. From calculations to maintenance and tenants, there is a lot to consider and having an experienced partner can make the difference between a venture that succeeds and one that fails.

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