Brian Fielding Shares Trends for Commercial Real Estate Investors to Look Out for in 2015

City building chart 3d isolated horizontal alignment

City building chart 3d isolated horizontal alignment

When investors are looking for options in the rest of 2015, they have a number to consider, but Brian Fielding knows that a quality commercial real estate property is the most advantageous purchase that an investor can make. There are many factors to consider when making such a purchase however. For example, an investor must decide what kind of property they want to invest in before they make their purchase. They may also need to purchase a property based on the amount that they have to invest. In any case, decisions must be made, and to help individuals make smart choices about their commercial real estate purchases Mr. Fielding and Fielding Investments advise that individuals take into consideration some of the following commercial real estate trends that may be seen this year.

  1. Job markets impacting real estate market: Many cities are seeing their job markets continue to bounce back this year. Additionally, many new jobs are being created that were not in play a year ago, especially jobs in technology fields. These positions lead to an increased need for office spaces reveals Brian Fielding. Because of this new demand, these cities will provide many new and safe opportunities to those who have considered purchasing office properties.
  2. Low supply and high demand: In many areas, there is an increased demand for quality properties. However, not all of these areas have the properties to fit those needs. Because of this, those who own high quality properties can charge premium rates for quality tenants. Additionally, Mr. Fielding reminds investors that they will also see lower vacancy rates.
  3. Demand increase on multifamily properties: Another trend that Brian Fielding would like to point out to investors this year is the rising demand for multifamily properties such as apartment buildings. The demand for these is higher than it has been since before the recession. This demand seems to be one that will last for quite a while yet, and quality properties that are near mass transportation and other urban necessities are in especially high demand.

When individuals keep in mind these changing factors for the commercial real estate market in the rest of the year, they will be better able to understand the factors that will decide which investments are the most promising. Brian Fielding knows how important it can be for investors to understand these trends and changes and is proud to be offering individuals the most up to date information on changes in the commercial real estate market. To learn more please visit

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