Brian Fielding Shares Expert Tips for New Commercial Real Estate Investors

Fielding Investments

Fielding Investments

More investors are starting to think about the benefits of purchasing commercial real estate according to Brian Fielding of Fielding investments. The commercial market is currently seeing a number of positive trends and things continue to look up as the economy improves. Many new investors are trying their hand at commercial real estate, and Mr. Fielding wants to ensure that they have the proper information and resources. For that reason, he offers advice that individuals must keep in mind when exploring commercial properties.

  1. Liability: When looking at a property for purchase, investors should be aware of any potential hazards that may be on or associated with the property before they decide to buy. This, Brian Fielding shares, is because the liability may be attached not to the current owner, but instead to the property itself. When the property is transferred, so may be the responsibility, even if the hazard was caused by the previous owner. Once the real estate has been bought, the new titleholder may be responsible for any problems with the property, any harm the property is causing to the environment, or any zoning laws that the property is breaking. For these reasons, it is essential that all hazards and liabilities are out in the open and considered before a purchase is made.
  2. Knowledgeable negotiation: There are innumerable considerations that need to be analyzed when establishing the value of any asset. Brian Fielding reminds investorsthat knowing all the details of a property, including its downfalls, requires significant “due diligence.” Unless the investor has great experience and knows how and where to look for defects and potential problems, they should think about retaining an experienced consultant with extensive experience in like transactions.
  3. Available Professionals: There are many experts whose skills can be utilized by those who are buying commercial real estate. These include specialists such as commercial real estate lawyers, investment authorities like Brian Fielding, contractors, accountants, and a number of others. Careful investors will consult these experts throughout the acquisition process. This will help the buyer along the road to choosing and purchasing the commercial real estate property that is most fitting for their purposes.

When investors have questions about commercial real estate, they can depend on Brian Fielding, one of the most knowledgeable minds in the industry. Mr. Fielding has years of experience in the market and can answer the burning questions about the ins and outs of the industry. To learn more about the commercial real estate market with Brian Fielding

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