Brian Fielding of Fielding Investments Offers a Guide to Choosing the Right Property in 2015


When considering a commercial real estate purchase, individuals must review these property factors shared by Brian Fielding.

When considering a commercial real estate purchase, individuals must review these property factors shared by Brian Fielding.

A commercial real estate purchase is usually a favorable investment that will offer a high return in the future. However, Brian Fielding of Fielding Investments points out that it is essential the purchased property is one that meets the needs of the investor. There are a number of factors that will determine if one should buy the property they are interested in. Viewing a number of properties, considering these factors for each, and then comparing the results to each other, will allow an investor to make the right acquisitions. Here Mr. Fielding reveals the key factors to consider when viewing a property.

  1. Uses of the property: If the investor is looking for a space that can fulfill a specific purpose, they must keep that purpose in mind when they find an appealing property. Commercial uses may include office spaces, retail spaces, or industrial spaces, but not every property can be used for any of these purposes. Brian Fielding says it is essential a buyer finds out exactly what the building zoning allows before they purchase. If restrictions do not allow the property to be used for the individual’s chosen purpose, they can look for one that does.
  2. Condition: Mr. Fielding reminds investors that it is extremely important to know the condition of the building before purchasing. Extensive repairs may add to the initial cost of the property and can also delay the owner’s ability to rent the space. There may also be liability issues in the long run if these problems are not found and addressed quickly. If there are a number of issues with the property, it should prompt the buyer to consider the additional costs before making the purchase.
  3. Location: The location of a property is one of the most significant determiners to the value and potential of the property. When researching a property, investors must look at the surrounding neighborhoods, other buildings in the area, the recent growth in the area, and traffic for relevant businesses nearby. Choosing a piece of property that is in close proximity to possible resources, for example, may increase its value, as might recent economic growth in the surrounding community.

In 2015, investors should be sure that they are properly evaluating the commercial real estate properties that they are interested in. By doing this, they can ensure they will make a wise purchase and see a return on their investment. Brian Fielding knows that when they consider the factors provided here, one will be able to choose the ideal property. Visit for more information on purchasing commercial real estate this rest of the year.   

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