Brian Fielding introduces one-stop-shop for charity news

Brian Fielding Charities

Brian Fielding introduces one-stop-shop for charity news

Charities around the world now have an online venue on which to share their events, achievements and requests for assistance.

Brian Fielding Charities is making the go-to place on the Web for the latest in charity news and calls to action.

The goal is to give both large and small charities an equal voice, said Brian Fielding, who is a real estate investor and philanthropist. The idea came to him when he began supporting Send Me on Vacation and Amigos de los Ninos, both non-profit organizations. The latter provides healthcare to children whose families lack sufficient funds to cover their needs. The former allows women with breast cancer to go on dream vacations with their families in order to lend them some emotional support.

As Brian Fielding was supporting and speaking to others about these charities, he realized that not many people had heard of them, even with websites of their own. He felt creating a hub for important but low-profile charities would help further their causes.

The current website will continue to feature a blog roll. However, it will soon include articles on other charities and their activities. Brian Fielding said he invites that charity organizations to submit their own posts for consideration. Once the content has been reviewed, it will be posted on the Brian Fielding Charities website with a link back to the charity’s website.

In addition, the Brian Fielding Charities website will also feature an Our Charity Partners page highlighting those charities that actively submit content for the blog.

While financially supporting each charity every day would be wonderful, Brian Fielding said, it is not feasible. What is possible, however, is informing the masses that these charities are out there and creating conversation about their efforts. This will in turn create recognition so that when people are able to give, they will know there are more than one or two charities out there that need their money.

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