Brian Fielding Discusses the Importance of Diversifying Your Portfolio

So what happens after the U.S. reports a growth in the economy and encouraging employment trends? The stock market took a one day major fall! It seems to go without saying that one needs to expect volatility in the various stock markets and advisor Brian Fielding suggests that this simply reality suggests that prudent investors should try to balance their portfolio by adding commercial properties to their holdings.

“There is no one avenue that guarantees protection from the vagaries of the efforts to create a nest egg for retirement and for a ‘head-start’ for one’s heirs, but solid tenants in quality properties is an important hedge to consider.”

While shares of Fortune 500 companies adjust to quarterly reporting and concerns over economies internationally, as tenants, these companies can provide a reliable return to their landlords. Further, the tenant’s excellent credit history allows the savvy investor to finance his/her purchase, often with long-term financing at very attractive rates.

Brian Fielding does not suggest forgoing investments in stocks, bonds and, perhaps, commodities. Rather, he ascertains that one should consider balancing that portfolio with quality commercial assets, preferably with strong, creditworthy tenants.

“We not only own the stocks of fine companies such as WalMart, but we also enjoy owning properties with their tenancy. We chose our assets carefully, weighing term, rental rates versus the local comparative indices and a variety of other critical factors such as projecting sales numbers to make an informed decision. It certainly does not hurt that a number of lenders were eager to compete for the financing element.”

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